Three ways to find the perfect laminator

Q: What difference can a laminator make? A: A big one.

From protecting useful and important paperwork, to ensuring documents last longer, a laminating machine is your route to a higher quality and more professional finish, whatever you need to do.

Ideal for a multitude of uses, laminators are useful for all the following, and more besides:

• Workplace notices

 • Menus

 • Bookmarks

 • Recipe cards

 • Wipe clean to do lists

 • Topic cards

 • Wipe clean project planners

But it’s worth bearing in mind that what can be the ideal laminator for one person could be a less than perfect choice for another.

Laminators come in a variety of types and sizes, each designed for a different environment and for varying levels of use. The right one can deliver years of happy laminating, but the ‘wrong’ one may just not meet your needs.

1. Where and how often will the laminator be used?

The first step is knowing where the laminator will be in use, how often it will be used and how many people are likely to be using it. Will it be: A: At home, for fairly light use B: In a small office or classroom, for regular use C: In a larger workplace, producing a high volume frequently If you answered A, you should consider a personal laminator, if B, a small office laminator is your best choice and for C, you need to choose a general office laminator.

2. What type of laminating pouches will you need?

The kind of pouch you use with your machine will also determine the kind of laminator you need.

If you’re confident you will only ever need to laminate A4 documents, in A4 pouches, then an A4 laminator could be fine. However, you may be surprised at how many uses you will discover once you start laminating.

Project planners or topic sheets are just two examples of materials that can be more useful and easier to view in A3 size, so you may not want to limit your potential lamination size to A4.

Laminating pouches don’t only come in different sizes, but in a range of thicknesses. You can find out more about choosing the right laminating pouch here. 

Fellowes® laminators are designed to handle pouches of thicknesses between 80 and 250 microns. The higher the number of microns, the more versatile the laminator will be.

3. Which laminator features would be useful?

Fellowes offer a range of unique features with their laminators. These are designed to make laminating as simple and quick as possible.

Consider these features when you make your choice, as this could make a world of difference to how easily and safely you, and other users, are able to work.

Fellowes has a range of 100% jam free laminators. Because there is little that’s more annoying than being unable to continue with a job due to a breakdown, think about investing in a machine that has been designed to not let you down.

Fellowes laminators’ Autosense feature can detect a pouch’s thickness and automatically set the correct speed at which the machine should laminate, making a job run easily and efficiently.


Fellowes’ laminators offer HeatGuard technology. This reduces the surface temperature of the laminator, making it safer to touch.